Thursday, February 22, 2007

I watch soaps and I'm proud of it!!!

I first heard the phrase 'soap opera' when we got cable tv at home, way, way back in 1993/94. Star Plus was still an English channel and B&B and Santa Barbara used to be THE programs to watch. For the interested, B&B is still on, Star World, I don't know what time. After the initial craze, my interest in TV died down drastically, and for almost 10 years, I hardly watched any.

Coincidentally, I started watching TV again in 2003 because of 2 other soaps, this time, desi ones. It was a year which was a "turning point" for me (hehe), because of the II PUC exams. My brother and his wife had come over to B'lore for a vacation, and she was a huge fan of the two new Kids on the block - Kahaani and Kyunki. Slowly, Mum got hooked, and her devoted daughter soon followed. I used to come home at half past ten in the night, and dinner was usually accompanied with the unbelievably entertaining antics of Ba, Tulsi, Mihir, Parvathi and Om. I know that its not considered to be 'cool' to watch any show belonging to the K-Brigade, but, I'm not an artistic snob. I don't demand that my cinema/TV be intellectually stimulating always. Sometimes, a little dip into the surreal really helps.

For almost a year, I followed the storyline faithfully. And then, engineering happened. Lost track of TV again. When I say I lost track, I don't mean I stopped watching TV entirely. I have my old faithfuls - JAG, Charmed and Idol. But 3-4 hours of TV a week is not a lot. That's excluding all the other movies aired on other channels. Turn a blind eye to that!!

Then Grey's Anatomy started. I was hooked when the first season started on Star World. I did my best to convince my friends to watch it, but none of them did. And now, they're worse than me. McDreamy, McSteamy, McVet, God, its the best McShow I've seen in a long time. Since my Dad got the second season on DVD for me, I have stopped watching it on TV. Replaced it with Heroes. People, you already didn't listen to me about GA. Don't make the same mistake again. Heroes is great, especially Hiro. Watch it...

How can such a long blog not have anything about Megha in it? She looooooovvves this show called Kulvaddhu. (I hope I've got the spelling right, don't want to offend anyone numerologically.) Anyone wants to know anything about the show, contact her:-)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Give an apt title to this blog!

I’m a very interested viewer of American Idol. For the last few weeks the auditions have seen some fabulous singers and more importantly some other singers, who are diametrically opposite to fabulous. They were so bad, that I was amazed that they actually had the confidence that they were “the next American Idol”. Couldn’t they hear themselves sing?

But then, last week, a group of us got together and had a four hour 3 hour singing session. It was great fun. There was a guitar, and well, it was very relaxing. Music therapy, you could say. We recorded one of the songs on a mobile phone. A couple of days later, I happened to listen to the recording. God, I sound a whole lot different on playback. I know I’m not a phenomenal singer, or anything like that, but I thought that I would at least be in tune. But like I said, I just sounded awful. So now, I’ve realized, you sound a lot different in your head, than how others can hear you. Maybe, so did those contestants.

Can’t think of a punchy ending to this blog, so it’s just going to stop abruptly. Ciao!