Monday, October 27, 2008


In one of the episodes of Grey's last season, I heard this song. Googled it and found this. I just fell in love with the song. Following TV shows has introduced me to a few artists I wouldn't have come across otherwise - Roisin Murphy, OneRepublic, The Fray, Nellie McKay, Kate Havnevik, Snow Patrol, Daniel Powter......

Its Diwali time. I gave up the fireworks habit a long time ago, but being here in B'burg, I miss all the noise and confusion that abounds back home. I remember the little contests that all of us used to have back in the good old days - who has how many boxes of which brand of which type of crackers!!!!!!!

What's going to keep me focused through the next couple of months is the fact that I'm going to be going home for a few weeks through Dec-Jan. Yippee!!! I can't wait. I'm already planning every hour. And after that, if things go well, its off to San Diego. The old adages are usually true, you know - Things happen when you least expect them to.

I was reading my old posts yesterday, and I came across this one. I just wanted to let the world know that I have successfully completed No. 10. True, it was a reddish violet rather than a violet violet, but the latter would have necessitated the bleaching of my hair, which I definitely did not want. (Doesn't the previous sentence make me sound delightfully pompous?). Anyway, its only my opinion that counts, and I say that I can mark Item 10 as done. This means that I need a new Item 10. Any suggestions???

Monday, October 20, 2008

For Meh..

For the past month, Meh has been pestering me to write something in here. She's my most devoted fan. Ergo, this post is dedicated to her. In fact, its a letter to her.

Dear Meh,

How's life been in the last six hours since I spoke to you? I hope there haven't been any dramatic changes.

I was just thinking - Meh, you're my "person". Reference - Grey's. You know what I mean. Who's M and who's C, we'll decide later. :)

I just ran around to three apartments 'cos I had to scan this form to send to Appa so that a hold would be removed from my account so that I could access my transcripts. Its 2 degrees celsius outside. Brrrrrrrrrr!

What else? I had curd rice for dinner. And drank fresh lime soda. Am also sporadically studying. Played tennis on the Wii. FYI, I'm pretty great at it. Hey, did you hear about Dada's century? Isn't it great? I was so thrilled when Amma told me.

I can't think of anything else to write right now, and I'm really impatient to call you and tell you about this blog. :D

Best Regards,

Pooja Kumar
Graduate Student
Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Blacksburg, VA 24060

PS: I've written so many formal emails lately that signing this way has become a habit.