Friday, November 24, 2006


To our combined shock, we qualified!!! We were the only girls, and the only non RVCE team. Felt kinda weird, but in a very good way! Should I cut a long story short??? I think I will.

WE WON, WE WON, WE WON.............

Its an amazing feeling to win. It doesn't matter what, it's just great.

Meh and I started studying together in our second semester. At first, it was math, integral calculus. We studied hard, and I mean, hard. It proved to be quite effective, so we progressed to other subjects, and now, well, you can imagine. We've managed to squeeze in a number of movies while we were supposedly "studying" together. Its been great.

Meh loves "Miss Congenialigy". You won't believe the attention she's paid to the dialogue. She knows strange wildlife facts, and she has no hesitation whatsoever, in enlightening the general public.

Another thing you should know is that she's totally unpredictable sometimes. We had gone to Nagarhole last year. She was totally freaked about the cabin's location. Apparently, she was scared that tigers would come and gobble her up. She's probably going to seriously injure me after reading this. If I don't blog again for some time, you'll know why.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Edition III

Obviously, we didn't qualify. But it was great fun watching the finals. We learned how good we had to be. The next day, we were volunteers for potpourri, which is a hodge-podge of DC, picto, 20 Q and any other event that the organizer can dream up. That was fun too.

We had a goal now, but before we started working towards it, we needed a 'Naamkaran'. We thought about a whole bunch of stuff, but nothing clicked. Finally, we came across a guy called "Justforkix" in Asterix, and Wham!!! we had an identity.

The next event we took part in was some fest at RVCE, it was potpourri. This is an event which has written prelims, by the way. We reached late, which was probably because of Meh:-), and also because they had PRE-PONED it. Anyway, we did the prelims pretty ok. Had to wait a while for the results, so wandered around the college for a bit. Hey, this is becoming more of a blog about the history of Justforkix, than about Meh. But here, the philosophy is "Go with the flow".

Since we waited so long for the results, its only fair that you wait for what happened next!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Part II

To continue from where I left off..................
And from there on, it was a tale of triumph, tribulations and tears, just like one the saas-bahu sagas. Actually, we had a few(read as 3 or 4) triumphs and lots of tribulations, but no tears. Puhleeeeeeeeeezzzz!

I remember our first venture as a team. We were still nameless, and clueless. Nobody knew us poor little freshers venturing out into the bold, bad world of screams, curses and shouts of "Come Onnnnnnn, Dude" and "Its on the tip of my tongue", with various four letter words thrown in. It was confusing, which is a gigantic understatement.

Meh was elected to be the actor of the team. We had actually met up in Nik's place the day before to practise. I had painstakingly made a movie list, which was pretty loooooooong, wonder where it is now, can pass it on to juniors, hehehehe. Love the previous sentence. The morning of that fateful day, sometime in April 2004, or may be May, we went to Nik's place in the morning. Then came to college, where, as usual, everything was delayed.

Finally, it started. Some teams were tremendous, and totally intimidating. Finally, it was our turn. The movie we got was the Tom Cruise tearjerker - "Born on the Fourth of July". Got that. The person was Noam Choamsky. Don't even bother to wonder if we got that, we didn't. The place was Ajanta/Ellora, got it, naturally. The word, if I remember right, was voluptuous. And at that point of time, Meh was too decent to act the word out, as is. And if you know her now, you'll know how far back in time that day was. Did we qualify?????

That's a story for another day!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Now what do I say about Meh? I've been promising her that she'll be a subject of my blog for a really long time now, so this is really long overdue. Instead of making this one long blog, which would be boring, for all concerned, this is going to be a series of articles.......

I've known Meh, officially, for the last four years. The first year is a total blank, though, 'cos we didn't actually "know" each other. Madam was attending tuition, totally, "naam ke vaaste". Zoom in, zoom out. And to be honest, I had better people to hang out with:-)

But somehow, by some diablolical[Meh's learnt something from the hundreds of word lists she used to devour!!!] means, we landed up in the same college/school/university/undergraduate course/some shit.....

Didn't really talk even then. The first few months are a total blur. All I remember is learning about natural resources{yet again!!!} in the Mech Engg course. But the day b4 AT, the same 'bhoot savaared' Meh, Nik and me/I. [Pick the correct one, I don't know what it is]. We all had the irresistible urge, at the same time, to be dumb. And play charades, of course.

And then, well, wait for the next instalment.......