Sunday, January 28, 2007


Today is the last day of the last inter-semester vacation of my engineering career. Feeling really nostalgic right now. So I thought I could get rid of this annoying feeling by listing out some memorable moments of my undergrad days....

The first day of college. Such a long time ago. I wore a green outfit, which was woefully uncomfortable. As luck would have it, my batch had the afternoon off, so Prema and I spent the free time exploring the college. I read an unbelievably boring article about some new technology in the library. I really do have a good memory for all trivial details. The whole first semester was pretty unremarkable. Can't really remember much. Exams were tough.

The second semester was when the great partnership began. Meh and I started studying calculus together, and look where we landed up. It was also the beginning of another great team - Justforkix. We had graphics and workshop then. Totally detested both the subjects. Nasty, nasty. Two things I remember vividly. Sai Mama passed away. I had to attend workshop that day, and it was horrible, trying to stay in control, when all I wanted to do was to go home. Another thing was this terrible stomach bug that I had on the day of my Math exam. I had an excruciating time in the exam hall, could hardly sit still. Just attempted five questions and walked out. Thanks to all the hours that we had put in, I did pretty well. (This is my blog, after all, so why be humble? I MAXED IT!!!!!)

The day after the exam, we all went to Fun World, and I ended up with bad sunburn. Decided to avoid amusement parks in the future. Meh still bugs me periodically about going to WonderLa, have managed to resist so far! I remember, Meh and I got there early, and I told her the story of Troy to while away the time. She doesn't remember watching the movie (which she, Nik and I saw together, late one night, while completing records), but she does remember me narrating the story. Boy, I must be a good story-teller. Feel free to contradict me!

This blog is going to get tremendously huge if I cover 3.5 years at one go. My hands are tired. Moreover, that feeling of nostalgia seems to have passed. Semesters 3-7 will be covered in subsequent posts. There's loads more to tell. So long!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I've never seen the movie. I really enjoyed Soderbergh's Erin Brockovich, but somehow Traffic never happened. Maybe I'll catch it this weekend.

But the subject of this blog is a different traffic, actually. I've recently started my project, as a part of my final semester. The commute is long, to say the least. Its bearable in the morning, but in the evenings, its a smog-filled maze. I'm totally exhausted by the time I get home. But that apart, I'm having a total blast. Its a completely new experience, being in an office, a very good one.

Thinking of another kind of traffic takes me back to T&S, and more recently CCN. No, no, no! I'd better logout, or this blog will morph into an essay about engineering.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I went to see Guru last Sunday. Its a good watch. Could have been better. Aishwarya was good, so was Abhishek. Now, they're engaged. I guess congratulations are in order.

I have holidays going on now. Starting my project next Monday, so I'm fairly free till then. I have no idea what to do with the time. Studying is an option, but I can't study 24/7 now, can I? I'm reading Bill Bryson's 'Made In America'. Its great entertainment, but personally, the pace at which I read non-fiction is about a hundred times lesser than my "fictional" pace. Good pun, don't you think? (Even if I do say so myself:-))

I was reading Wilbur Smith's 'Eagle in the Sky'. Its a beautiful love story. David and Debra really touched a chord in my heart. The first time I read it was about eight years ago. I had, and still have an intense desire to visit Israel because of this book. To all the people who read this blog, please try to get your hands on this book. Read it. I promise, you'll enjoy it.

I spoke to a friend of mine, last night, for close to an hour and a half. These days, I get to meet my school and PU college friends only about once a year. Its a weird feeling. For two years, we literally spent close to fifteen hours in each others' company, what with college and tuition. And then, once you get into that much desired professional course, despite all good intentions, meeting up just becomes an impossibility. Schedules are totally hectic, and the intersection of everybody's free time is a null set. I wish everyone could slow down a bit, and just take a break. It would be real fun to just meet up all my friends and hang out. Well, I can still hope that it happens.

Movie recommendation for today : International Velvet (A good watch for horse lovers)
Book recommendation for today : The Grand Sophy, by Georgette Heyer
Song for today : Walk of Life, by Dire Straits
TV Show for today : Grey's Anatomy (but naturally!!!)
Colour for today : Grey (hahaha)

All these recos show how totally bored I am. I solemnly vow, I shall rack my brains for more witty and embarrassing(for them) anecdotes about my friends, and faithfully inform the world. As a young friend of mine would say, toodles..............

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well, the exams are finally over, after a great deal of sweat and tears, not to mention sleep. Nothing more shall be said about them, till the results are here.

Ranj, Meh and I were studying together four days before the first theory exam. We had the bright idea of making corn bhujia (Meh's specialty), at ten in the night. And naturally, we needed some entertainment on TV. I decided that it was a great time to introduce them to the fascinating world of Seattle Grace. To the uninitiated, I mean Grey's Anatomy, a drama series currently showing on Star World.

I started watching this show from the first episode of the first season. After I got the first season on DVD, I watched all the nine episodes again. Third time was with R n M. It took us two episodes to work our way through the food. Since we were too stuffed, and sleepy, to continue studying, we decided to call it a day (actually, an early morning), and continue studying the next day.

Come the next morning, both madams are totally uninterested in the mysteries of radial basis functions. Instead, they're busy drooling over McDreamy. The only neurons they were interested in were the ones in the brains being operated upon by Dr Derek Shepherd, the oh-so-handsome surgeon, with the complicated life. They finished watching seven episodes in seven hours. I might have expected this from Meh, but definitely not from Ranj! They wouldn't even let me sleep, since they needed me to fill in the blanks!

Fast forward five exams. After the second elective, six of the eight of us were here to party a bit before settling down to slog for CIPE. We had to decide on a movie to watch. Omkara, Arsenic & Old Lace, and some others were suggested. After Nik and Zee made us sit through an excrutiatingly shrill episode of Roadies, you know who suggested that the others watch Grey's (again!).

To cut a long story short, now everyone is hooked, and I have a nasty feeling that I'm going to end up watching the first season about six times more. I've also got very, very vocal demands for the second season DVD. Would this qualify as obsession???