Thursday, December 21, 2006

Exam fever!!!

God, I love exams. There's nothing like a million butterflies in your stomach to truly make you feel fabulous. Finished the last two labs of my bachelor's course this week. Its a strange feeling. Seems like just yesterday that I attended the orientation ceremony. Well, time and tide wait for no man.

These old adages are really funny sometimes. One tells you - "Out of sight, out of mind". The next one you read will be - "Familiarity breeds contempt". So what is a girl to do? Stay near, but be distant?

My theory exams start next Thursday. Trying to study. Just a week left. God, I need loads of help. It sure would be great to have a time freezing machine, or a photographic memory, or a lookalike robot. I don't know why scientists haven't come up with versions of these things. They're just wasting their time trying to figure out nuclear fusion, and trips to Mars.

I was watching a show on tv this morning, Ed. Its been a really long time since I followed it, so didn't really understand what was going on. But this is what I gathered. Ed's really upset that he doesn't have anything to leave behind for posterity. No special talent. And this feeling's only intensified by his genius artist-client. After sinking to the depths of self - pity, he starts designing his headstone. He then gets a letter from a lady who knew his great-grandfather, saying that he was a good man, who is greatly missed by all his friends. He then changes what he had written - "Art was his life" to "Life was his art". Just made an impression on me. Don't know why exactly.

Well, at any rate, its something to think about!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Notice all the paraphernalia that we need to educate ourselves, no wonder Ranj ditched us after just one day!!!!!
We just can't study without three remotes, two mobiles (one's not seen 'cos its taking the picture you are seeing), lip gel (for Meh, God knows what she's doing), Tiger Balm (we've already finished a couple of containers, we've ordered them in bulk, so contact us in case of emergencies), spectacles, and last, and definitely the least, the all-important syllabus book, without which we would have to read the entire book(boooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo).

This is a joint effort from Meh and me - a must-read for seventh sem sufferers!

These are the only things that makes the study of this subject entertaining.

1. " the web from the beach". (We think, pun very much intended).
2. "Foot - shoe size of a long dead king". Hehehe.
3. "Incredibly, astonishingly, prodigiously high frequency would sound nice". It does sound nice. Extra fact : this is the frequency our dear friend Himesh sings at.
4. Page 102, third paragraph - guys, literally, guys, there's a hot babe for you all there. Hop there soon!
5. "....the suddenly, the Cadillac next to him began behaving like a bucking bronco". Rodeo's calling, people!
6. "This effect would be fine if one were planning to build a huge microwave oven for roasting passing birds, but for communication, it is a severe problem". KFC's fuel problem is solved, if only they could get poultry to fly past the oven.
7. "Some people who believe in reincarnation think that Charles Darwin came back as a member of the IEEE standards association to weed out the unfit". Unfortunately, he didn't weed out enough!!!!!

This is just the beginning. Contributions most welcome, they will be acknowledged with due ceremony on this blog.

Hakuna Matata!!!
PooMeh Productions (Name may be changed for artistic purposes, in due course).

Sunday, December 10, 2006

2 a.m.

So this is what it feels like to be two-day insomniac. I'm wide awake at two in the morning, and blogging, to boot. For the fourth time in the last couple of days. Girl, you've come a long, long way.

Finally finished sending the online applications. A couple are left. I've filled them up, will send them soon. Its exhausting work, believe me. Absolute murder on your back. Hopefully I'll be done with the entire deal by tomorrow. I've got to start studying for my exams soon. Little more than a fortnight left.

I saw a movie called "The Paper Chase" last night. About three hours ago. Its about a group of first year Harvard Law Students. From the clothes, it looked like it was set in the seventies. Its a good movie, very funny in parts. But for people who like a well-defined end, its kind of frustrating. No actor I know has acted in the movie, but the casting is impeccable.

Finished Eldest too. Again. Can't wait for the third book. Don't mind missing the movie, but I know I'll be one of the first in line to get the book. Tolkein, Paolini - all these people, I wonder how they came up with an entirely new language for their characters, with grammar, structure, and all the other pesky details. Its hard enough for me to keep the ones I know straight. I would very much like to find out.

2007 is just 21 days away. Its time for resolutions. Every year, I grandly say that my resolution is that I won't make any resolutions. But this year, I am going to make one, a concrete one. Don't know what yet, but will keep you (whoever you are) posted. At least, it will give me something other than books and my friends to write about.

I feel very sorry for some of the icons on my computer screen sometimes. They never seem to get used. So as a special treat for them, I'm going to format this blog in a different way. Let's start off with Right Justifying it. The next blog will have some other feature. Look out!

Happy 10th of December everyone!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dreams Come True.....

Bloodthirsty things happened in my house today. After performing brain surgery (read studying neural networks) for a while, the three of us came down for lunch. We had lunch without incident. And then, Meh forced Ranj to stab herself. Yes, you read right, she stabbed herself, right below the mouth, with a weapon of great power. After all, if the pen is mightier than the sword, why not a pencil?

A piece of poisonous carbonaceous material got embedded in her skin. The perpetrator of this vicious crime tried to remove it, but to no avail. It was left to me, Pooja Goldenhands, as I shall be known from today, to rescue Ranj from further harm. With the aid of my trusty Swiss Army Knife, a safety pin, and a tweezer, I removed the treacherous barb from my faithful friend's chin. (I wish I could say fin, that would be a good rhyme. Ranj, why weren't you born a fish?)

At long last, I have realized my dream of making a mark in the medical profession. From this day forward, the removal of graphite from the human body shall be known as the Goldenhands technique, in eternal gratitude to you know who.

Ranj, you will be contacted for the fee in a short while. Start counting your cash.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Life's Firsts...

There are so many things that you can do for the first time in your life. First word, first step, first tooth, first day at school, first exam etc etc etc (Quoting that wonderful teacher of mine). Today was one more first for me. It was truly momentous, a life changing event. Guess what??????????????????????????????????????????????

I BLOGGED TWICE IN THE SAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megha's busy chatting with her beeeeeeeeeeeeeeast pal Zee. Hehehe. Ranj is busy reading this blog over my shoulder. Apparently, my blog is a great boredom-buster for her, especially the ones about Meh. I can understand, with a genius like me, who has such impeccable comic timing, even a booooooooooooring subject like Meh will come to life.

I am re-reading Eldest. Finished Eragon yesterday. For once, the second read is even better than the first. Wouldn't mind watching the movie.

One of my most memorable firsts was, quite unsurprisingly, my first book. It was Enid Blyton's Five Find-Outers' mystery - the one about the Pantomime Cat. I took around three months to finish reading that book. Don't be shocked, I was six at the time, a mere babe in arms. Till date, I've never taken that long to finish a book, text books excepted. ( I don't finish those anyway). I abandon books in the middle of the story sometimes, when it gets so boring that I feel like going into hibernation. The Devil Wears Prada is a case in point. The movie was much, much better.

Ranj is pestering me to finish so that she can read this. Actually, she's not, but I want to stop writing, and I couldn't think of a better end to this phenomenal piece of literature!

Combined Study...........

Ranj, Meh and I have started studying together - the grand old subjects of ASP and ANN. We've done exactly one chapter from 12 in the morning. Its 5 now. That's actually not bad, considering that it could have been zilch. Now Meh's busy with her applications, Ranj is pushing forward with CCN, which only she seems to have the patience to study, and I'm blogging.

Lab exams start a week from Monday. God knows what will happen. These are our final labs in engineering. Kind of nostalgic, but that's overshadowed by a feeling of overwhelming relief. Sorry, gotta go and help Meh check her appli, be right back.

Ok, Meh accidentally closed the browser window, so here I am. This is like live reporting from the field. Gotta go again!

Since the title of this blog is "Combined Study", I guess I should write something about it. Does it work? Well, to a certain extent it does, but then again, its always better to study alone!!! That statement is a piece of total hogwash. I really gotta go now. So long........

Monday, December 04, 2006

Silence of the Lamb!


I've hardly spoken a word for the last four days, which has been UNBELIEVABLY tough. There's absolutely nothing wrong with me except for the fact that I just can't talk. Even if I try really, really hard, nothing comes out. My larynx has just gone on strike.

I've felt really isolated by all this speechlessness. If you've experienced it, you'll probably know.

Applications going ahead, not full steam, but at a good pace. Exams start in a couple of weeks, which is an added tension. You would think, after six semesters, I would learn to study from the beginning of the semester. But know, my inner imp never lets me do that. She insists that I cut it so fine that, well, I'm not able to find an apt simile right now.

My dad's gone to Europe. He lost his phone, which was brand-new, in Frankfurt. I think it was at the airport. Apparently, after a trip to Geneva, and back to Frankfurt, he went to the airport, to find it, which would normally be a shot in the dark. But guess what, he actually found it. It just reaffirmed my faith in human nature.

Recommendation for today - Book lovers out there, don't miss the Artemis Fowl series. Its brilliantly written and Arty is a refreshing break from all the oh-so-good heroes out there. Seriously, pick up your copy today.

I have to go now, and finish watching "Yun Hota Tho Kya Hota", so the next blog will be its review. By the way, I watched Dhoom II last week, and I just have one thing to say, and its this - Hrithik rocks. God, can that guy dance, or what!!!!