Friday, November 07, 2008


For the last couple of weeks, I've been catching up on childhood and teenage memories - the overwhelmingly sweet productions of Rajshri films. So far, I've covered HAHK, HSSH and Vivaah. I'll probably watch MPK today. Its been great. I enjoy these films as much now as I did when they were first released. Maybe its the simplicity, innocence, whatever. It really doesn't matter. All that I care about is that, for a couple of hours, (maybe more :D), I'm transported into a colorful, musical world, where everyone constantly smiles at everyone. I may not like to live in such a world, but I definitely don't mind being a visitor for short periods of time.

My absolute favorite is Vivaah. How can anyone not like this movie? Its just incomprehensible to me. Every conversation that Prem and Poonam have is so meaningful and poignant. And the songs. Any mention of Vivaah is incomplete without recognition of the soundtrack. Mujhe Haq Hai - What a composition! I can hum it forever.

I'm really eager to start seeing MPK, so I'll stop now. Oh, before I do that, two of my friends deserve to be recognized on a public forum. First, Nikku, for being my companion-in-crime, especially for Vivaah. That was a real fun evening. And second, Ranj, who recognized the line that I put as my status on GTalk - you rock, Ranj! Absolutely brilliant. For the curious, the line was - "Jab Sardi Ho Toh Barf Ki Paani Nahin Peena Chahiye". Which, by the way, is a TRUE fact.

Monday, November 03, 2008

2/3 Satan * 100i

This semester has been really fun, so far. Don't know if it'll stay that way after the subjects of this blog read this post. Well, what's life without a few risks?

The title of this blog is my address, encoded in a very "creative" way. A few of the forthcoming blog entries is dedicated to my entertaining new room-mates - Wealth of Kingdom, Auspicious and Suitable, Everything and Song/Hymn.

I was bored, trying to come up with something original everytime. So I decided to interview Everything, a.k.a Nikku. Just so that you don't feel she's a stranger, here are a few MUST-KNOW facts about her - she's an amazing cook, she's obsessed with her curls, she's long, she's the boss and she's an amazing cook. I love her culinary skills so much that I had to write it twice. I am going to ask her to describe the rest of us in 3 words, or less. Here goes:

P: So Nikku, how does it feel to be interviewed today?
N: (Full 32 teeth showing) I feel like a Spanish model. Shall I get my flowers?

(Brief chuckle shared)

P:How did it feel walking the ramp yesterday?
N:It was great, so awesome. The best parts were my red shiny flowers, and people asking me for my autograph.

P: Moving on, describe Gai in three words or less..
N:(In splits) Gai, (thinking) ..."G for Gayathri, G for Genius", my love and dumb.

P: Ok, you took more than three words...
N: Let's make it three phrases...
P: That's a good idea.

P: Bhavya next..
N: Weird, Weird, Weird IT-ni..

P: I should have specified three different words. Never mind. How about Raj?
N: I have no words to describe her. She's always there with me. No no..I have a song - Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge..

(P: I wish I could record Nikku singing and post it in here)

P: Finally, me.
N: Pooooooooooooooojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
P: Is that it?
N: Yeah. That's like a lot. You're not seeing the love in that.

P: Now I see. Thank you. Is there anything else you want to add to anything?
N: Yes. We all rock - shop-a-holics.
P: That we do. Thank you for your valuable time. We'll see what the others have to say soon enough.

Signing off,

(Ace Reporter a.k.a Gossip Columnist) Pooja Kumar