Sunday, March 18, 2007


I'm just watching the first race of this year - the Australian GP. It really struck me now, seeing the list of race drivers - there was no MSC or M Schumacher to be seen. I got hooked on to F1 in high school, because of a friend of mine. Every Sunday, at 4:30 in the evening, my TV would switch on, my assignments would come out, and for two hours, it would be me, driving at impossible speeds, around a beautiful circuit. The car of choice, what else but a Ferrari? My hero - Schumi. He's given me afternoons of great fun - I have friends who are McLaren devotees, and slanging matches were the norm. Now that Schumi's moved on, I have to really work up an interest. I don't know how Raikonnen and Massa will do, I certainly wish them the very best. Adieu, Schumi!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Please Squeeze The Toothpaste!!!

Statutory Warning : The blog title has nothing to do with its contents...(Just one of Meh's famous quotes)

Life has been very hectic the past couple of weeks. Seminar, project, internals, fest - its all just too simultaneous for me. I don't think God studied engineering. If He had, He would have taken care that there were about 72 hours in a day!

I'm anxiously/eagerly/matter-of-fact-ly/bated breath-ly waiting for the admits/rejects to arrive from the universities. The fact that I got into EPFL has made the wait slightly easier on my nerves. To all my friends, who are waiting for GATE results, or uni admits, or interview calls - the very best of luck. May you all get what you deserve. I know that it sounds like a back-handed compliment, but its not. After slogging for 4+2 years, all of us deserve a place in Heaven, at the very least!

I've been accused of being a Reader's Digest fanatic in the past. Well, what can I say? Its a family trait. Anyway, in the latest issue, there's an article about Albert Einstein. Read it, read it, read it. Its amazing. Happy Birthday, A.E!Love your hair!