Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adios Vaio...

I was supposed to do this three weeks ago, but better late than never. I did go to Old Town that Saturday. Its an amazing place, full of atmosphere. I dare any girl to go there and not fall in love. I spent the afternoon cooing over the most adorable knick-knacks. I bought lots of little things but my favorite one is the mom and baby chimp. Hopefully I'll remember to take a pic and post it. We'll see.

That trip seems so far back in the past. I feel that way because so much has happened since then. My old faithful Vaio gave up on me. I was in a deep depression for quite a while. But my new Dell XPS, is doing its best to revive my spirits.I had forgotten what a new laptop feels like - an untouched keyboard, an unsoiled screen. But Vaio, never fret, you are,were and will remain my true love. Nobody ever forgets their first laptop.

We've had quite a few adventures - haven't we? The day you fell down at Sbarro, and lost the DVD drive cover, the day you insisted on drinking some of my club soda, the day you started beeping non-stop, the day you refused to hibernate, the day you accidentally made me delete everything off of my ipod - we've been through thick and thin, you and I.

Lest anyone think that you were totally disaster prone, I will never forget the way you kept a lonely girl, who was away from home for the first time, such glorious company. You helped us negotiate a project filled with pitfalls in the eighth semester - us being Meh, Shetty and me. I'm sure they send their goodbyes. We've had some wonderful times together, but now its time for me to move on. Don't worry, I'm not going to recycle you, not any time soon. You're Obi-Wan, to my new Luke. He needs your wisdom, that you have "wisely" backed up. I have also not forgotten the fact that you can still speak through an interpreter - another monitor.

Vaio, our days together may have ended, but in my heart, you will always reign supreme. Au Revoir!
P.S. Too lazy to post the chimp pic!


alpine path said...

Good post! I've shared some of your experiences with the Viao - trying to run programs in it and figuring out different dependencies needed and a whole bunch of other tangential stuff. Nothing like saying a good goodbye to start a good welcome - Adios Vaio and Welcome Dell. Hope I get a chance to be acquainted with you too!

meh said...

The first time you got VAIO to college, I think there were eight big heads trying to look at it.. VAIO helped complete projects as we watched Grey's Anatomy, it helped look up fun trivia at 2 in the night, etc.. It was/is always there for you pooj.. Hope Dell matches up :)

Pixel said...

a very entertaining read :)
wish that you write more often. sigh