Wednesday, July 21, 2010

List 1

The 'why' - I love lists, and I needed a reason to make more.
The 'where'- I'm at home right now.
The 'with whom' - Raj's here too.
The 'what about' - 11 places that we want to see. Odd numbers are Raj's, even are mine.

  1. Sydney - "Because I've always wanted to go", she says.
  2. Kashmir - "Ever since Roja. Yes, I know Roja wasn't really shot there. But still", I say.
  3. Paris - "Eiffel Tower, French food and wine. Need I say more?", she says.
  4. Tahiti - "Bachelorette episode", I say. She giggles.
  5. Kanyakumari - "You haven't been?", I ask, shocked. "No", she says, apologetically.
  6. Auckland - "Essie Summers and Lord of the Rings. Not just Auckland, but all over NZ", I say.
  7. Munnar - "I made a plan in undergrad, but none of my classmates came. I need to fulfill that dream", she says, with a really sad expression.
  8. Salzburg - "For the Sound of Music", I say.
  9. The Sahara - "I want to swim in sand", she says. "How?", I ask. "I'll figure that out after I get there", she says.
  10. Bath - "Georgette Heyer. Need I say more? I am going to make another list of all the places that Heyer mentions in her books, and go to all of them. Yay!", I say.
  11. Osaka - "My uncle stays there", she says.

My first list is done. Wait for more.

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